We only serve sophisticated clients.


We provide investment opportunities off the market and exclusively for our clients only. Therefore, we are not open to the public.

Personalized Service

We serve sophisticated clients who are UHNWIs with relentless work schedules and are frequent travelers. Our dedication endeavours us to meet clients at their chosen location with short notice.

Tax Planning

Sophisticated clients have very complex personal and corporate income requirements. They own assets worldwide, therefore tax planning is required to minimize their tax liabilities.


Sophisticated clients require private banking for personal and family safety, which require even higher confidentiality than what the high street banks can provide.

Rain maker

Sophisticated clients often over-commit with unaccountable corporate debts with personal guarantees. Therefore, high value insurance is essential as a safety net for any eventuality.


Sophisticated clients with big families often ended up in court over family estates disputes. Therefore, trusts can be a long term solution to preserve the family wealth and legacy.


Sophisticated clients who are frequent travelers required premium medical care worldwide for emergency treatments or evacuation.